Papaya Young Directors

Papaya Young Directors 2018
1st February 2018 - 2nd March 2018
The competition for young filmmakers

Papaya Young Directors is a competition aimed at young aspiring directors. The project emerged from the need of finding young and creative artists with the desire to present them with means of entry into the advertising and film industry. The main objective of the contest is the cooperation between the film and commercial milieu.

The competition’s jury includes people of authority within the film environment and representatives of recognized, award winning advertising agencies.

The goal

We want to introduce new talent to the industry. To educate a new generation of filmmakers by providing workshops and lectures with the best. We create a co-working platform for idea swapping, brainstorming and growth. We want to create social awareness of the competition, exchange ideas, inspire.

For whom?

The competition is intended for:
Students, film and arts graduates, budding cinematographers and directors
Age criteria: 20-30 years old (determined by the year of birth)
Zuza Duchniewska Zuza Duchniewska Creative DirectorDDB Warsaw
Katarzyna Sośnierz Katarzyna Sośnierz Creative Director & Co-FounderLVOV
Marta Frączek Marta Frączek Associate Creative DirectorSAATCHI&SAATCHI IS
Michał Soroczyński Michał Soroczyński CEOSPLENDID & WISE
Kacper Sawicki Kacper Sawicki Executive ProducerPAPAYA FILMS
Agnieszka Klimczak-Pyryt Agnieszka Klimczak-Pyryt Creative DirectorJ.WALTER THOMPSON GROUP POLAND
Ewa Rudzińska Ewa Rudzińska Brand Communication ManagerPLAY
Joanna Jezierska Joanna Jezierska Senior CopywriterPUBLICIS
Karolina Kałużna Karolina Kałużna Senior CopywriterSAATCHI&SAATCHI IS
Karolina Lewicka Karolina Lewicka DirectorPAPAYA FILMS
Kasia Seyfried Kasia Seyfried Head of Creative SolutionsDDB&tribal
Magda Mikołajczyk Magda Mikołajczyk Editor
Magdalena Miszczak Magdalena Miszczak Studio ManagerLUNAPARK
Małgorzata Drozdowska Małgorzata Drozdowska Creative DirectorJ.WALTER THOMPSON GROUP POLAND
Małgorzata Flor Małgorzata Flor CopywriterK2
Tunia Rozwadowska-Myjak Tunia Rozwadowska-Myjak Art DirectorGRANDES KOCHONOS
Maciej Waligóra Maciej Waligóra Executive Creative DirectorDDB&tribal
Michał Desowski Michał Desowski Deputy Creative DirectorSAATCHI&SAATCHI IS
Dawid Kaźmierczak Dawid Kaźmierczak Growth DirectorMcCANN
Dawid Szczepaniak Dawid Szczepaniak Executive Creative DirectorVML POLAND
Michał Krygier Michał Krygier Creative DirectorGPD
Łukasz Stachniak Łukasz Stachniak Art DirectorBRASIL WARSAW
Michał Kubik Michał Kubik Senior CopywriterBRASIL WARSAW
Paweł Krzemiński Paweł Krzemiński CEO & Online SupervisorTELEVISOR
Jakub Laskus Jakub Laskus Owner & FX DirectorBITES
Tomek Matuszewski Tomek Matuszewski CEOFOLLOW AGENCY
Adam Zdeb Adam Zdeb Creative DirectorARTEGENCE
Arek Pawlik Arek Pawlik Creative DirectorTBWA
Bartek Klimaszewski Bartek Klimaszewski Creative DirectorMcCANN
Bartek Walczuk Bartek Walczuk Creative Director180HEARTBEATS + JUNG V MATT
Kamil Redestowicz Kamil Redestowicz Executive Creative DirectorBBDO
Maciek Twardowski Maciek Twardowski Executive Creative DirectorOGLIVY&MATHER
Marek Cichy Marek Cichy Head of Post ProductionSAATCHI&SAATCHI IS
Mariusz Pitura Mariusz Pitura Creative DirectorWALK CREATIVE
Mateusz Gaca Mateusz Gaca Senior Director180HEARTBEATS + JUNG V MATT
Michał Kobierzewski Michał Kobierzewski Owner & Creative DirectorMADEby
Łukasz Ludkowski Łukasz Ludkowski Associate Creative DirectorCD PROJEKT RED
Paweł Dąbrowski Paweł Dąbrowski Production Designer & Set Decorator
Tomasz Misiukiewicz Tomasz Misiukiewicz Senior Art DirectorSAATCHI&SAATCHI IS
Tomek Kosiński Tomek Kosiński Creative DirectorOPUS B
Michał Sadowski Michał Sadowski Creative DirectorAGENCJA WARSZAWA
Maciej Braksal Maciej Braksal Creative Group HeadFocus Media Group
Wit Dąbal Wit Dąbal DOPPSC
Arek Tomiak Arek Tomiak DOPPSC
February 1
Contest topics announcement
March 2
Final call for directors' treatments
March 29
First jury deliberations
April 11
Second jury deliberations
April 12
Announcement of the best treatments
April 16
Craft workshops
April 19
Shooting boards deadline
April 23
Third jury deliberations, finalists revealed
April 25
Craft workshops
April 23 - May 28
Film production
June 13
Final jury deliberations
Final Gala and winners announced
Main partners
Past editions
Grand prix + prize for cinematography (Filip Załuska)
DIR: Jan Foryś i Filip Załuska   |   DOP: Filip Załuska
Grand Prix
DIR: Julia Rogowska   |   DOP: Michał Puczyński
Grand Prix
DIR: Iwona Bielecka   |   DOP: Mikołaj Syguda
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