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Everyone looks, but what they see may be different.
That's why we're seeking a new, fresh perspective on film.
Vulnarble, open minds who want to tell stories that open others' eyes.
.stage 1
Briefs and director's explications
February 20, 2017
We will put the contest sponsors' briefs on the website.
Each contestant can prepare up to 2 director’s explications per each of the sponsors. However, only one entry can qualify for production. Each of the contestants can choose any of the sponsor or sponsors.

March 17, 2017
The deadline for sending the explications – ONLY USING THE PYD FORM (downloadable after logging in).

April 19, 2017
The Jury will select 20 most interesting director’s explications, whose authors will qualify for the second stage of the competition, i.e. the production of the videos.
.stage 2
Production of the ads
April 20, 2017
The authors of the selected 20 director’s explications produce their videos based on their ideas.
During the production of the final entries, the creators receive funds in the amount of PLN 8000 gross, as well as support in the form of consultation, production assistance, and contacts to the contest’s partner companies (video, lighting and grip equipment, post-production houses) and producers, who will assist the finalists with their knowledge and experience.
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May 26, 2017
The deadline for the submission of finished movies.
.stage 3
The final of the competition
June 7, 2017
The Papaya Young Directors competition formal gala and award ceremony.
Zuza Duchniewska Zuza Duchniewska Creative DirectorDDB Warsaw
Katarzyna Sośnierz Katarzyna Sośnierz Creative Director & Co-FounderLVOV
Marta Frączek Marta Frączek Senior CopywriterSaatchi&Saatchi IS
Michał Soroczyński Michał Soroczyński CEOSplendid & Wise
Kacper Sawicki Kacper Sawicki Executive ProducerPapaya Films
Karolina Kałużna Karolina Kałużna Associate Creative DirectorVLM
Tunia Rozwadowska - Myjak Tunia Rozwadowska - Myjak Senior Art DirectorGRANDES KOCHONOS
Marta Frączek Marta Frączek Senior CopywriterSaatchi&Saatchi IS
Agnieszka Klimczak Agnieszka Klimczak Creative DirectorFCB Warsaw
Zuza Duchniewska Zuza Duchniewska Creative DirectorDDB&tribal
Magda Drozdowska Magda Drozdowska Creative DirectorDELOITTE DIGITAL
Kuba Sagan Kuba Sagan Creative DirectorK2
Bartek Walczuk Bartek Walczuk Associate Creative Director180 HEARTBEATS + JUNG V. MATT
Michał Kobierzewski Michał Kobierzewski Creative Director & OwnerMade by
Michał Krygier Michał Krygier Creative DirectorGPD Agency
Michał Sadowski Michał Sadowski Associate Creative DirectorGONG
Tomek Matuszewski Tomek Matuszewski OwnerFollow
Kamil Redestowicz Kamil Redestowicz Creative DirectorBBDO
Maciek Kozina Maciek Kozina Deputy Creative DirectorISOBAR POLSKA
Marek Cichy Marek Cichy Film Director, Head of Post ProductionSaatchi&Saatchi IS
Grzegorz Karwowski Grzegorz Karwowski Senior Art DirectorMCCANN
Tomek Kosiński Tomek Kosiński Creative DirectorOPUS B
Arek Pawlik Arek Pawlik Creative DirectorTBWA
Tytus Klepacz Tytus Klepacz Executive Creative DirectorOGILVY & MATHER
Kasia Seyfried Kasia Seyfried Head of Creative SolutionsDDB&tribal
Michał Soroczyński Michał Soroczyński CEO Splendid & WiseSplendid & Wise
Piotr Dugin Piotr Dugin CopywriterLeoBurnett
Kuba Michalczuk Kuba Michalczuk Director
Robert Chudzik Robert Chudzik Senior ArtDirector
Mateusz Gaca Mateusz Gaca CopywriterGrey Group Poland
Rysiek Szozda Rysiek Szozda Director
Bartosz Piotrowski Bartosz Piotrowski Cinematographer
Weronika Ławniczak Weronika Ławniczak DirectorPapaya
Michał Kubik Michał Kubik Senior CopywriterBrasil Warsaw
Łukasz Stachniak Łukasz Stachniak Art DirectorBrasil Warsaw
Katarzyna Sośnierz Katarzyna Sośnierz Creative Director & Co - FounderLVOV
Joanna Jezierska Joanna Jezierska Senior CopywriterPUBLICIS
Zofia Smełkówna Zofia Smełkówna Digital Group HeadK2 INTERNET
Kasia Lewińska Kasia Lewińska Costume Designer
Julia Rogowska Julia Rogowska Director PapayaPAPAYA
Magda Mikołajczyk Magda Mikołajczyk Senior EditorPLATIGE IMAGE
Mariusz Pitura Mariusz Pitura Creative DirectorWALK CREATIVE
Janek Majle Janek Majle Creative DirectorCHANGE
Michał Desowski Michał Desowski Deputy Creative DirectorSaatchi&Saatchi IS
Maciek Twardowski Maciek Twardowski Creative DirectorOGILVY & MATHER
Bartek Klimaszewski Bartek Klimaszewski Creative DirectorMCCANN
Olga Frycz Olga Frycz Actress
Wojtek Włodarski Wojtek Włodarski Editor
Szymon Pawlik Szymon Pawlik Director, Art DirectorPLATIGE IMAGE
Michał Dąbal Michał Dąbal Cinematographer
Anna Kalinowska Anna Kalinowska PostproducerLUNAPARK
Maciek Waligóra Maciek Waligóra Creative DirectorDDB&tribal
Paweł Dąbrowski Paweł Dąbrowski Production Designer and Set Decorator
Kasia Adamik Kasia Adamik Director
February 20 - monday
Contest topics announcement
March 17 - friday
Final call for directors' treatments
April 19 - wednesday
Jury session
April 20 - thursday
Finalists announcement
April 21 - friday
May 26 - friday
Contest spots' production
Maj 26 - friday
Final call for the produced spots
May 31 - wednesday
Jury session
June 07 - wednesday
The final gala
Past editions
Grand prix + prize for cinematography (Filip Załuska)
DIR: Jan Foryś i Filip Załuska   |   DOP: Filip Załuska
Grand Prix
DIR: Julia Rogowska   |   DOP: Michał Puczyński
Grand Prix
DIR: Iwona Bielecka   |   DOP: Mikołaj Syguda
Additional task
It's good to go against the current and break schemes by doing things differently.

That's why it's worth trying something that will refresh your perspective and bring new energy into your daily life.

Show us what it means to you!
Create a short film in our mobile app and win prizes from Hortex.

This contest is intended for participants between 15 and 25 years old. You will find all terms and conditions in the app.

Terms & Conditions

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