About competition

Papaya Young Directors is the only competition for young film directors in Europe that facilitates direct access to the world of professional filmmaking.

Up until now there have been five editions of the competition - the contestants have shot 80 films for 31 sponsors.

The condition for applying is logging into the user panel after the competition opens and submitting an idea in the form of a directorial treatment in response for a chosen brief of a sponsor brand.

Authors of the best directorial explications, chosen by the jury, are invited to participate in further stages of the competition - the workshop stage and the shooting board stage. The finalists are given the budget to shoot their film.

The films are judged by a jury consisting of a couple dozens of creative directors, copywriters, cinematographers and directors.

Apart from being given the budget to shoot their films, the finalists are given a list of companies that support the competition: equipment rentals, post-production studios, as well as professional filmmakers who are willing to help the finalists - cinematographers, set designers, costume designers, production managers, stunts, composers.

The ideas can be submitted by an individual or by a duo, what is important is that one of the authors of the directorial explication is also the director of the film.
The premiere screening of the films, as well as the award ceremony take place during the final gala in June. 

The competition is targeted at students and graduates of film schools, as well as art schools, liberal arts schools, amateur filmmakers and people without a higher education between the ages of 20 and 35 (according to the year date, not particular months).

Goals of the competition:
  • Introducing young filmmakers to the world of advertising
  • Education - original workshops and lectures about advertising
  • Creating a platform of collaboration and exchange of ideas
This adventure is fascinating for each of the companies. You can learn a lot about the ways of communicating with the young target group.
Magda Kicińska
Papaya Young Directors gives you the opportunity to discover new stars, to get to know young people who are starting in the business and who offer an utterly fresh look on what we are doing, and that is amazing. A superbly organized competition.
Adam Szałamacha
The competition changed virtually everything in my life.
Weronika Ławniczak
II Place in the Papaya Young Directors competition in 2016
directing roster in Papaya Films
When the third edition of the competition came to an end, I stopped being a no-name among the clients.
Jan Wąż
finalist of the Papaya Young Directors 2016
High Spot agency
I think that this competition added a good decade to my career.
Julia Rogowska
Papaya Young Directors 2015
Papaya Films roster director
The amazing thing about this competition is that anyone can take a crack at it, you don't have to worry whether you know anything about the business.
Kajetan Plis
Papaya Young Directors 2015
Hart Warsaw agency
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