WIN 7 000 EURO
What is Papaya Young Directors?
Papaya Young Directors (PYD) is a competition aimed at aspiring directors in the film industry. The competition is based around developing films for PYD’s partners and sponsors. PYD helps filmmakers to produce ground-breaking films which will increase their visibility in the film and marketing industry. Create a portfolio, start networking, be rewarded and work with the best.
Why should I take part in the competition?
PYD will help you create your portfolio based on briefs from big companies and make you work with the best creative directors in Poland. After becoming a finalist, you will be given a budget of 10000 PLN to develop you idea. You will also be given a list of companies that will aid you with your project. You can win cash prizes if your work receives an honourable mention.
Films from the finalists will be showcased during the final Gala as well as various exhibitions, workshops and festivals.
What is the cost of all this?
Applying is free of charge. If your directorial explication reaches the 3rd stage of the competition we will hand you 10 000 PLN to finance the film for the competition.
Where do I start?
It’s simple, first you need to register on our web page. After your account is activated, you will get a bundle of Creative Starters - briefs from the sponsors. Choose one that appeals to you the most, you can write two explications for each sponsor’s topic/brief. Create your directorial explication and upload it to your account on our web page before the competition deadline and wait for information on your status.
Explications can be written by yourself or in two-person teams (in this case both individuals writing the explication must register in the competition and the finished work has to include both competition IDs). Keep in mind that should your film reach the development stage it is you or your partner that have to direct it, no one else.
Can I use a preexisting idea for a film in the competition?
The rules of PYD state that the directorial explication has to be your original idea developed specifically for the competition based on the sponsor’s brief. Directorial explications for films submitted for other contests (including previous pyd editions), or ones that are not yours are off the table and will not be taken into consideration.
Can I submit content that I have developed and made public prior to the competition?
To keep in line with the competition's guidelines, the film must directly pertain to a creative brief and be developed for PYD specifically. One must remember that the film must not breach any copyrights that have been transferred by you onto another entity, this is why we discourage sending in material that has been made available to others. Oftentimes the rules of publishing your content on other platforms forbid sharing it with third parties. If your film is selected by a PYD sponsor brand, this brand will require all copyrights to the film without third party interference.
I’m only 16, am I eligible for the competition?
No, you're not.
The competition targets individuals between the ages of 20 and 30 (born between 1988 - 1998).
Does my place of residence matter for the competition?
No, it doesn't. PYD in open to filmmakers from Poland and abroad. At times a brief will envision the use of a particular language, but do not let that discourage you from taking part in the competition.
What are the contents of my PYD user panel?
PYD user panel includes any guidelines and documents needed for partaking in the competition. The user panel contains topics, a directorial explication template, a template for transferring financial copyrights of the directorial explication template, a template for transferring the film's copyrights and a template for the credits. A finished directorial explication is to be uploaded to the server or e-mailed to:
Each of the participants to qualify for stages II and III will be contacted personally by the organizer.
What is a creative starter?
A creative starter is a document that outlines an idea a given sponsor has to convey in an explication and film. It includes tips on the overall tone of the film as well as additional information on presenting the sponsor’s logo
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