Creating a contestant account

Registering an account in the contestant panel is required for participation in the competition. An account gives you access to briefs (guidelines) compiled by brands and artists you will be producing commercials or music videos for. You will also need an account to submit your original treatment. You can register an account HERE.
To set up your contestant panel, visit the login site, enter your email, and check your inbox for the activation email. After confirming your email address, the system will ask you to provide some personal information and accept the terms and conditions of service. Doing so will give you full access to your contestant panel. 

In the first section, you will find document kits for download, including creative starters compiled by brands and artists and organized by category: Branded Stories, Music Stories, and Vertical Stories by Facebook. Creative starters are essentially guidelines prepared by the Partners that will help you get a feel for what kind of film they are interested in. 

After reading through all the starters, pick those that resonate with you the most and start working on your idea. Remember that you can submit a maximum of two director's treatment for every Main Partner. 

The first section also contains a number of other helpful documents you can download, including a treatment template that will help you put together a well-crafted submission. Most of you will use the template for your own treatment, but it’s not the only form you can use to submit your idea. If you decide to go with a treatment, remember to include individual elements of the template in your document and save it as a PDF for uploading. For more tips on writing a good explication, read HERE

The downloads section also includes other documents, like the Terms and Conditions of the competition or a breakdown of a typical director’s explication.

When your explication is ready, upload it using the “Add a director's treatment” section. Read more on how to do it properly HERE

The contestant panel will also give you access to a range of additional content, including tips about individual contest categories and articles that might serve as a source of inspiration. 

If you have any questions, first check for answers in the FAQ. Should your questions remain unanswered, feel free to reach out to us via email at
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