Education is one of the main goals and the most important mission of Papaya Young Directors.

We work with the best art and film schools, as well as media university departments
in Poland and in Europe. Together with our partners in the field of higher education, we organize meetings with the winners of past editions and with representatives of the advertising business.

We organize lectures about advertising, the so-called "Creative Fridays". Apart from being an occasion to present and discuss artistic and cinematic inspirations, "Creative Fridays" serve as a platform to exchange observations and ideas. The lectures are
an occasion to build relationships between artists and the advertising business.

We created a number of original, open workshops for people interested in
the competition:

  •  "Writing a director's treatment" - a step-by-step guide on how to write a cohesive director's treatment in response to a creative starter. During the workshop, one also learns about the possible traps during the writing process, about the importance of references and mood-films.
  • "The World of a Brand" - a presentation in the form of a series of inspirations
    on how the communication of a sponsoring company should look like.
  • "Creative Writing" - a workshop on the power of the punchline and the idea - the most powerful weapon of each contestant. 

The authors of the best works, chosen by the jury, are invited to take part in workshops with their director's treatments, which end in creating shooting boards.

Before shooting their films, the finalists meet with a group of experienced professionals and consult their ideas with them.

The workshops are free of charge.
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