I'm semifinalist – what now?

photo: Dominika Jaruga
photo: Dominika Jaruga
In the second round of the Papaya Young Directors competition, semifinalists will be talking with the jury and coming up with an original shooting board.
The conversation with the jury will have the contestants outline their ideas, both from a storyline and production standpoint. The point of the interview is for the jury to probe the background of the treatment’s story, and check whether the semifinalists believe in their idea, and know what kind of challenges they will be facing in production. 

The conversation, however, is not a typical pitch—the jurors often offer the semifinalists advice and mentorship, suggesting which parts of the explication should be reworked or improved. The advice, however, is not binding, meaning that the semifinalists can but don’t have to take advantage of it. If they wish to do so, however, a revised explication may be uploaded immediately following the interview via the contestant panel. 

In the second round, semifinalists will also be putting together a shooting board for their idea. 

Advancing into the semifinals also provides contestants with a spot at the Papaya Films Academy workshop, which will put them in touch with a variety of professionals to discuss issues like directing, working with the DP, set decoration, or costume design. 

The jurors will decide which ideas to pick for production based on the interviews, the final versions of the explications, and the presented shooting boards. The selected authors will be chosen as the finalists of the eighth edition of the contest and be assigned a 2 700 euro budget with which to produce their original idea.
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